Blacksmith Shop at Ramsey House


Ramsey House is excited to once again have a working Blacksmith Shop on property. The Rebuilding of the Blacksmith's shop was taken on as an Eagle Scout project by Ethan Anderson with Troop 500 in Corryton, TN. The project began with a school assignment that encouraged Ethan to visit Historic Ramsey House in the fall of 2018. During his visit, he had the opportunity to speak with tour guide, Sue Jones, and learned about the plans Ramsey House had for the future that included expanding their house museum into a living history museum. Being a history buff himself as well as a practicing Blacksmith, Ethan immediately realized that helping Ramsey House rebuilding the Blacksmith Shop would be his Eagle Scout project. 

Ethan's project started the process of recreating the outbuildings that once stood on the Ramsey property, but like many regional and national treasures, had deteriorated over the years and disappeared. The Eagle Scout project guidelines required Ethan to plan, execute, and document the entire project. Over the course of two years, Ethan conducted fundraising events to finance the build, collaborated with local businesses, community service groups, and government officials to garner support, as well as worked through a pandemic to construct the shop. The project was completed and dedicated in July of 2021.

For more information on the Blacksmith Shop Project, or to help support its day-to-day operation, please visit our Support page for ways to donate to the Blacksmith Shop.