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School Tours


In addition to a tour of the historic home all programs integrate social studies, language arts, science, and math and all adhere to state education standards. The programs allow participants to see and experience how people lived in the 1800s.

The following programs are offered and are adaptable from Pre-Kindergarten through High School. Choose one activity for your tour:

Students will tour the Ramsey House and compare its exterior and interior features and furnishings with his/her contemporary home to determine both the similarities and differences. The differences will be used to formulate theories about the Ramsey family, their home, and their lifestyle, while also learning about historic architecture. (Grades 7 and up)

Butter Churning
Participants will experience the time and effort it takes to make butter. Tasting the fruits of their labor is always an experience. (Grades K and up)

Corn Husk Dolls
Using cornhusks, students will make dolls in the style of the 1800s. They will experience how children of the past had to make their own toys. Participants will be able to take their handmade cornhusk dolls home. (Grades 1st and up)

Candle Dipping
Participants will make candles as was done in the 1800s. They will experience what it takes to make candles, as well as some secrets of candle making. Participants can choose from a variety of colors and take their candles home. (Grades 2 and up)

Participants will learn about slavery and the slaves who worked for Colonel Ramsey. Students will see where slaves worked, slept and what they did at the Historic Ramsey House. (Grades 3 and up)

Toys and Games
Participants will play with toys and learn games children had and played in the 1800s. They will experience the difference between today’s toys and toys from the early 19th century. (Grades Pre-K and up)

“Two for You”
Visit both the Ramsey House and Marble Springs on the same day and receive $1 per person discount at each site.

Information and Reservations

  • A minimum of 10 students to form a group for the discounted rates.
  • Picnic and indoor eating facilities, rest rooms, and museum shop are available.
  • Interactive Learning Experiences are $3.00 per student.
  • Group house tours are $3.00 per student for school groups for a total of $6.00.
  • Adult group tours are $5.00 each and an additional $5.00 per person, per activity.
  • No tour charge for teachers and bus drivers.