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Top Wedding Trends for 2015

Every year new and exciting trends emerge in the wedding world! From colored shoes to ruffled cakes, every year we are left wondering what this years hottest trends are going to be. Well look no further. We have done the research for you and are here to tell you what we (along with the rest of the wedding world) predict this years top trends will be for weddings, receptions, brides, and even grooms. Some of them might just be perfect for your upcoming wedding!! So here are the top trends for 2015:

The “Naked” Wedding Cake

Starting with the cake! Because that’s the best part of a wedding, right? “Naked” wedding cakes began creeping into weddings this past spring becoming more and more popular as the year went on. We think this cake will be seen at tons of weddings in 2015. This type of cake is perfect for those couples who don’t love all the icing of traditional cakes. They are also GORGEOUS! These cakes are perfect for any type wedding- casual, traditional, rustic, vintage, whimsical. There are so many possibilities and your guests will surely be impressed! Photos by: ModWedding ♥ Wedding Dash ♥ Bridal Musings ♥ Love My Dress

Neutrals Paired With Sparkles

The neutral color pallet has been around for some time with weddings. But this year, we are predicting that brides are going to be pairing their neutrals such as blush, tan, silver, and beige with some serious sparkle! Adding an element of sparkle is a perfect way to take your wedding to the next level and glam it up a bit. It can work for casual weddings, fancy weddings, and everything inbetween. Photos by: Darby & Joan ♥ Love My Dress ♥ Nadyana

Colored Wedding Dresses

Who says you have to wear white at your wedding? Colorful wedding dresses are going to be all the rage this year. You can have a totally colorful wedding dress, or one with just a hint of color. Anyway you do it, you’ll sure to be noticed by your guests! Photos by: Brit + Co ♥ Colin Cowie Weddings ♥ Rock n Roll Bride

Eco-Friendly and “Green” Decor

This year, more than ever, brides are going to try to be one with nature! This year you will see brides doing their decor in the most natural ways possible. We love the nature inspired tables, especially for an outdoor wedding. So romantic! From using rocks for escort cards, to succulent favors, to herbs for your send off, there are so many ways to have an eco-friendly wedding. Most of these examples provide for a cheaper wedding , too! Photos by: Wedding Chicks ♥ Hey Look Blog ♥ Eco Brides 

Chalk-Board Paper Goods

This theme is going to be HUGE! Chalk decor can be printed or done the old fashion way by hand- and this year we will see both. Printed invitations on chalk paper are going to be the #1 wedding invitation style this year. We love it when couples add a pop of color to theirs as well. You will see menus, programs, invitations, and signs at many of the weddings, so keep an eye out for this adorable trend! Photos by: Wedding Chicks ♥ Ruffled ♥ Southern Weddings ♥ Etsy

Homemade Wedding Favors

Although not required, it is always nice to send your guests home with something to remember your wedding by. This year homemade wedding favors will be seen all around! There are so many possibilities and most of the time they can be a super budget friendly option! Some that we love are: bird seed hearts, homemade spices, infused olive oil, and homemade jam. Photos by: The Knot ♥ Wedding Wire  

Colored Suits

We’ve already seen that brides are going to be adding a bit more color into their wedding with a colored dress. Now, is it possible that also grooms are going to be spicing things up with a colored outfit as well? It’s true! It is predicted that in 2015 grooms will also be sporting a more colorful look than the classic black tux, and we like it!! We aren’t sure if the brides and grooms will choose to do colorful outfits together, but we are super excited to find out! Would your groom do it? Photos by: Intimate Weddings ♥ Love My Dress ♥ 

Wedding Games

Today’s weddings are far from where they started! Couples are now choosing to have lots of fun things for their guests to do while they celebrate with them. This trend is going to be big this year!! These games are especially fun for couples who are having an outdoor wedding with lots of room… hint hint.. The Ramsey House field? 🙂 These games make it where guests of all ages have something to do while attending your big day! By incorporating this trend your wedding will surely be the talk of the town for a long time to come. Photos by: This Old House ♥ Pop Sugar ♥ The Polo House ♥ Rustic Wedding Chic ♥ Boho Weddings 


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