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After Happily Ever After

You’ve spent countless hours making sure your wedding is just perfect. You put your heart and soul into that one special day, then it’s over in the blink of an eye. You’re left wondering if there are ways to relive your wedding day, or even just preserve some of it for safekeeping. We are here to tell you that it is possible!! Maybe not to relive your wedding day altogether, but to preserve your most precious pieces of the day to have forever.


With your bouquet being by your side just about the whole wedding day, it’s a wonder why most brides end up just tossing it after the wedding? Those little flowers were with you through the day, so why not preserve them for life? There are so many beautiful ways that you can preserve your bouquet. A shadow box is always a great option. Find out more information on creating a bouquet shadow box here!  However, that is not the only option. Today, brides are opting for more than just wall decor when preserving a precious piece of their wedding. We have seen many brides make ornaments from their wedding day goodies. They can put flowers, their wedding wine cork, or any small special items inside them to set around or put on your tree for life.

Wedding Cake

Mmmm cake! You took the time to pick out just the right flavor of cake. Most likely you spent hours on pinterest trying to come up with the perfect cake look and design. Why let all of your hard work go to waste? In a couple years you probably won’t even remember what your wedding cake looked like. Well not anymore! Artists have not come up with a way to preserve your wedding cake forever!! Or at least the look of it. Check out these adorable mini ornament replicas of real couples cakes. You could have one too!

Wedding Dress

Oh the wedding dress! One of the most important, if not the most important, piece to each brides wedding puzzle. After forking over sometimes thousands of dollars on one piece of clothing, it seems like a real shame to just put it in a box in the attic for the next 20-30 years. Here are some ideas to do instead! Make your dress into a keepsake pillow! Or, maybe you have extra space in your closet? Maybe enough space to fit a very large shadow box? Take your closet from ordinary to extraordinary by putting your gorgeous gown on display for all to see. (Or all who go in your closet). Also, check out this super simple way to put a little piece of your wedding gown inside a necklace here! What an awesome idea!!

Wedding Shoes

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Now that your dress is preserved, why not preserve the shoes to go with it? We LOVE these Beauty and the Beast inspired preservation techniques. It’s as simple as getting a glass box or dome, and a mirror or piece of glass to go under it. These would be perfect in a large bathroom, or on display in your house.

Wedding Cards

I don’t know about you, but we love reading wedding cards here at The Ramsey House! All of the sweet and thoughtful words and well wishes. Why throw those out? Making a book out of them is the perfect way to keep them where you can go back and read them anytime you want. It’s super simple to do, too!

Wine Corks

Most wedding receptions have wine served at some point during the night. Sure, you could have your bartender throw all those corks out, but wait! Why not save them and make something extra special for you and your partners new home together? We love these ideas! Make a birdhouse for your new yard. Or how about magnets for the fridge to post sweet little notes to each other? Make coasters for your new living room! Or to celebrate your new name change, making a letter of your new initial with your wedding wine corks is a perfect idea!

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